Are you involved in one of our ministries. Please make yourself aware of the policies and sign-off prior to participation.

SBC Policy Sign-off

September 2022

If you have read and agree to the policies below, please indicate your agreement by filling out your name, email and clicking the button at the BOTTOM of this page.

Abuse, Transportation and Social Media Policies

Click on link to view the policy:

SBC Abuse Transportation Social Media Policy Final

Code of Conduct

Click on link to view the policy:

SBC Code of Conduct Final 


Police Background Checks are required for volunteers working with children and young people.  Fortunately, these can be completely online.  

Click on either of the following links, depending on whether you live within London or outside the city:

London City Police – Vulnerable Sector Check – London Police Service

Ontario Provincial Police – Ontario Provincial Police – Police Record Checks (